yp-system Introduction

This document contains a quick reference for the API callback interface for the yp-system component in the netconfd-pro server.

The netconfd-pro server supports an external vendor library that is loaded at boot-time by the server, similar to a SIL for a YANG module. This library code is run in the context of the main server process. It is used to hook vendor-specific functions into the server,.

The following tasks are supported by the yp-system library interface:

  • yp-system External Interface : Creating and using the general system SIL library

  • YP-HA Interface : Provide an external controller for changing the YP-HA server role

  • Access Control Model Interface : Provide an external access control system instead of NACM

  • SYSLOG Interface : Provide an external syslog interface instead of the Linux API

  • System Callback Functions : Provide server callbacks not specific to a single YANG module

The default system library is located in called libyp_system.so, and it is located in the library path, such as /usr/lib/yumapro/libyp_system.so.

There is an example yp-system library in the 'libsystem' directory of the YumaPro source tree. This file in the 'src' directory called example-system.c contains some stub code showing how this library is used.

Copy and Setup the libsystem subtree

The default library created by building libsystem is libyp_system-example.so. This is not the correct filename, in order to prevent the real yp-server library from being overwritten by the empty example library, if “make install” is run.

The 'libsystem' subtree should be copied to your own development area and modified.

# to make a real library, copy this directory contents
# to a new location and change yp-system-example to yp_system
# in the SUBDIR_NM macro below
#  SUBDIR_NM=yp_system

Change the string yp-system-example to yp-system in the src/Makefile in the copy of libsystem.