Appendix: Next Steps

After Installation you can start learning more about YumaPro SDK with a set of lessons can be found on the YumaWorks Knowledge Base: Server Developer – Getting Started


YumaWorks hosts a Knowledge Base with solutions to many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) located at: KnowledgeBase

The Knowledge Base has the following sections:

  • General

  • netconfd-pro

  • yangcli-pro

  • YANG

  • Server Developer

More Documentation

Unix ‘man’ pages

The unix 'man' program can be used to get documentation about each program. For example:

  • man yangcli-pro

  • man yangdump-pro

  • man yangdump-sdk

  • man yangdiff-pro

  • man netconfd-pro

  • man netconf-subsystem-pro

  • man make_sil_dir_pro

  • man make_sil_bundle

  • man make_sil_sa_dir

  • man make_sil_sa_bundle

  • man ypcontrol

  • man yp-shell

  • man ypwatcher

  • man yang-api

  • man restconf

  • man ypgnmi-app

  • man ypgrpc-go-app

  • man yp-ha-app

  • man db-api-app

  • man sil-sa-app

Program --help option

Each program also has extensive help information available with the --help CLI parameter. For example:

  • yangcli-pro --help

  • yangdump-pro --help

  • yangdiff-pro --help

  • netconfd-pro --help