yangcli-gw Examples


  • This section is preliminary.

  • More examples will be added in the future.

The 'yangcli-gw-apps' directory contains some simple example programs to demonstrate the usage of the yangcli-gw program.

An application is required to perform the following operations:

  • Connect to the correct ZeroMQ socket(s)

  • Send ZeroMQ Multi-part messages

  • Receive ZeroMQ Multi-part messages

yangcli-gw-app File Locations

The 'yangcli-gw-apps' folder contains the example applications.

  • This is a top level folder in the source code distribution.

  • This is located in the following folder in the Advanced SDK binary packages:

    • /usr/share/yumapro/src/yangcli-gw-apps

Python3 Examples

The Python examples require Python3 to be installed and used. They are located within the 'Python3' sub-folder.

Refer to the yangcli-gw Getting Started section for details on installing the pyzmq library.

The following files are included in this directory:

  • pyclient.py: simple command channel example

  • pyclient2.py: simple command and event channel combined example

  • pycollect.py: simple event channel example

These simple programs hard-wire the ZMQAPI endpoints used. They must be changed if non-default endpoint values are used in the yangcli-gw program.