gRPC Subsystem

This subsystem is only available in the 21.10T release train.

This section describes the gRPC integration within the netconfd-pro server and ypgrpc-go-app application.


The above diagram illustrates deployment of the gRPC server, all its Services and messages handling and how the netconfd-pro server is integrated into this deployment.

The gRPC server and netconfd-pro server integration is deployed with help of ypgrpc-go-app application that transfers information between integrated gRPC server and gRPC clients and netconfd-pro server. Also, this is an application that provides faster and easier platform to implement gRPC Services. It is similar to db-api-app where users create instrumentation for their Services and RPCs.

Refer to the YumaPro gRPC User Guide document for details on yp-GRPC and the ypgrpc-go-app application.